Dance Class..$20. Youtube..priceless.

22 Apr

You really don’t have to watch this whole video.. unless you intend to actually learn the dance. But my point today is that it’s not just old forms of media that are being taken over by new forms of media. Like this for example, I can easily learn this dance at home by watching this video over and over at my own pace instead of actually going to a dance studio and paying money to learn it. Something’s just can’t be helped and the internet is one of those things. We can’t stop people from posting things on the internet, that’s their choice. Financially, a lot of industries are gonna suffer with the growing internet and they just have to find ways either go along with the flow or try and fight it.


Tupac Lives!!!

17 Apr

First off, I just got really frustrated with WordPress for not letting me log in like 10 times.. I was so excited when I saw this video that I had to post on it! Coachella has come to an end, but with that said, a new age of technology is well under way..well, I hope! At the closing night concert on Sunday, during Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre’s performance Tupac appeared on stage to perform right along with them. It was a hologram of the late rapper. Honestly, when I saw this I might have possibly cried tears of joy. I just thought it was so amazing & also gave me the chills with how real it all seemed. This is the kind of thing you see in like futuristic movies, but now that it’s being done in real life, it just shows how advanced technology really is. I feel like next they’re gonna be bringing Michael Jackson back! I’m still amazed at this just because this is the future, technology is the future..the things we can do with technology is just amazing. But just a quick side note.. I no longer want a puppy for my birthday, I want a Tupac hologram. Please & thank you!


A few words on Flashmobs

14 Apr

I’ve read a lot of post about how flash mobs are really growing and “taking the media by storm,” but to be honest, i don’t see it. I mean I’ve participated in one be for and it was fun and when my friends saw it on tv or online, they told me they saw me, but i know for a fact they had no idea what the flashmob was actually about. Yes, flashmobs are memorable and something really cool to witness, but when it comes to effectiveness, more people are gonna remember the dancing in stuff more than they’ll actually remember what the flashmob was for. It jsut simply doesn’t have that ‘sticky’ factor.