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5 May

Wait…what?? I guess that’s smart & a fair trade.. But who would think of this? It’s like people are finding new ways to benefit from technology or create this sort of partnership with it in order to achieve a goal. They should do this with recycling.. they’d be able to make profit off it easily!


Devices accept pet poop – then activate free wifi for a set time

Getting people to clean up after their dogs in public places is never easy – just take a look at how many “land mines” are dotted around your nearest park. One internet company in Mexico however, has hit on a clever incentive to encourage people to scoop up after their pet. Dog walkers in Mexico City are now finding pet waste disposal bins showing up in some parks that activate a free wireless network for a set amount of time depending on the size of the “deposit.”

The internet company, Terra, partnered with advertising agency, DDB Mexico, to get the devices installed in ten different parks around Mexico City and named the service “Poo Wi-Fi.” These special bins are pretty straightforward: a dog owner drops a baggy of waste inside, the waste is weighed, and a timer…

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30 Apr

This is so true and I think that is mainly because we are actually fully conscious of the people watching us when they are actually there in our presence, but online we are hiding behind a computer screen and a lot of times happen to only think that our friends will be the ones reading all the content we post. This is not true at all though. Especially with future employers now Googling us and looking at our social media sites to get a better perspective on us. Now that I’m in college and know I’ll soon be in that position, I can honestly say I’ve started to watch what I post (also thanks to a lot of my older family member who have now discovered Facebook).

BP's Fuel For Thought

How do you feel when you stand before a crowd with all eyes on you?  Do your palms get cold and clammy?  Do you become nervous and anxious?  Do you blush, tremble, shake, or get nauseous?  Multiple sources indicate that 90 percent of all people deal with some level of stage fright (Vijai P. Sharma).  So chances are pretty good that you deal with some degree of stage fright.  However, this article is not about overcoming stage fright.  Even though 90% of people deal with this issue, there is at least one stage where the vast majority of people feel no fright at all!

This stage is none other than Facebook.  Last month, Facebook exceeded the 900 million active user mark.  This means that there are potentially 900 million people able to watch you and see exactly what you say and do.  Are you feeling a little bit of that…

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25 Apr

Not surprised.. I don’t even have cable anymore, I just use online sites.


As government strives to keep up with the broadband age, the Senate’s Commerce Committee held a hearing today covering the future of television, but midway through the hearing I realized that the Senate has it all wrong. The future of TV isn’t to be found in deregulation — it’s on the Internet. We just have to let it happen. And to do that, Congress needs to look at how broadband providers control access to content, through caps, specialized offerings and deals.

Unfortunately, Congress didn’t do all of that. It danced around the problems of pipe owners also owning content providers and pay TV distribution businesses. It didn’t ask about caps on broadband and how that serves the interests of the pay TV business, and despite the fact that network neutrality was brought up several times and was cited by Barry Diller, the chairman of IAC (s iaci), and Amazon’s (s…

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The future of retail?

25 Apr


After reading The future of retail? from Tom Payne’s blog, it really made me think about how the internet is really changing all aspects of life. I myself am guilty of online shopping to avoid going to stores. Not only for that reason though, online many stores have a lot of online only sales or deals and items you can’t even get in the store. Then, there are also sites like Amazon and eBay that have unbeatable prices. I’m not sure what the future holds for retail, but I think they have to start competing and really find ways to reel customers back in.


Dance Class..$20. Youtube..priceless.

22 Apr

You really don’t have to watch this whole video.. unless you intend to actually learn the dance. But my point today is that it’s not just old forms of media that are being taken over by new forms of media. Like this for example, I can easily learn this dance at home by watching this video over and over at my own pace instead of actually going to a dance studio and paying money to learn it. Something’s just can’t be helped and the internet is one of those things. We can’t stop people from posting things on the internet, that’s their choice. Financially, a lot of industries are gonna suffer with the growing internet and they just have to find ways either go along with the flow or try and fight it.

Does that make me weird?

17 Apr

Pandora is cool and all, but I prefer listening to the radio.. hearing the radio personalities speak, the commercials,the promotions. It makes me feel.. connected. I know the whole point of Pandora is to play the music you like without interruptions, commercials and stuff, but for some reason, anytime I do use Pandora I feel so disconnected and like I’ve feel into a hole and isolated myself. I feel like that’s weird or maybe not, but at least I won’t feel as guilty when I’m sitting on Facebook and Twitter for hours. In my opinion, iHeartRadio>Pandora.



Tupac Lives!!!

17 Apr

First off, I just got really frustrated with WordPress for not letting me log in like 10 times.. I was so excited when I saw this video that I had to post on it! Coachella has come to an end, but with that said, a new age of technology is well under way..well, I hope! At the closing night concert on Sunday, during Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre’s performance Tupac appeared on stage to perform right along with them. It was a hologram of the late rapper. Honestly, when I saw this I might have possibly cried tears of joy. I just thought it was so amazing & also gave me the chills with how real it all seemed. This is the kind of thing you see in like futuristic movies, but now that it’s being done in real life, it just shows how advanced technology really is. I feel like next they’re gonna be bringing Michael Jackson back! I’m still amazed at this just because this is the future, technology is the future..the things we can do with technology is just amazing. But just a quick side note.. I no longer want a puppy for my birthday, I want a Tupac hologram. Please & thank you!