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5 May

Wait…what?? I guess that’s smart & a fair trade.. But who would think of this? It’s like people are finding new ways to benefit from technology or create this sort of partnership with it in order to achieve a goal. They should do this with recycling.. they’d be able to make profit off it easily!


Devices accept pet poop – then activate free wifi for a set time

Getting people to clean up after their dogs in public places is never easy – just take a look at how many “land mines” are dotted around your nearest park. One internet company in Mexico however, has hit on a clever incentive to encourage people to scoop up after their pet. Dog walkers in Mexico City are now finding pet waste disposal bins showing up in some parks that activate a free wireless network for a set amount of time depending on the size of the “deposit.”

The internet company, Terra, partnered with advertising agency, DDB Mexico, to get the devices installed in ten different parks around Mexico City and named the service “Poo Wi-Fi.” These special bins are pretty straightforward: a dog owner drops a baggy of waste inside, the waste is weighed, and a timer…

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