30 Apr

This is so true and I think that is mainly because we are actually fully conscious of the people watching us when they are actually there in our presence, but online we are hiding behind a computer screen and a lot of times happen to only think that our friends will be the ones reading all the content we post. This is not true at all though. Especially with future employers now Googling us and looking at our social media sites to get a better perspective on us. Now that I’m in college and know I’ll soon be in that position, I can honestly say I’ve started to watch what I post (also thanks to a lot of my older family member who have now discovered Facebook).

BP's Fuel For Thought

How do you feel when you stand before a crowd with all eyes on you?  Do your palms get cold and clammy?  Do you become nervous and anxious?  Do you blush, tremble, shake, or get nauseous?  Multiple sources indicate that 90 percent of all people deal with some level of stage fright (Vijai P. Sharma).  So chances are pretty good that you deal with some degree of stage fright.  However, this article is not about overcoming stage fright.  Even though 90% of people deal with this issue, there is at least one stage where the vast majority of people feel no fright at all!

This stage is none other than Facebook.  Last month, Facebook exceeded the 900 million active user mark.  This means that there are potentially 900 million people able to watch you and see exactly what you say and do.  Are you feeling a little bit of that…

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