We Determine The Future Of Television

14 Apr

“Usually the things that evolve don’t end up killing the other species that they evolved from.”-Dan Wieden

Like Wieden said in the video, the television industry is about creating “strong provocative relationships.” With the evolution with not only television, but also the internet, they both work together as a team to create, build and maintain relationships with their clients. Nowadays, people want to be more involved with their shows or games. For example, many people will sit and watch a NBA game while tweeting at the same time or posting a status and having conversations about it on Facebook. We are a interactive generation we control and evolve the way things are presented to us. Companies determine how to present their products based on how we choose to consume  it and with today’s technology, there are many different platforms we use to consume television, which is why television is constantly evolving. In the video, it talks about everything that is changing and how ‘futuristic’ everything is becoming, but Wieden says how the one thing that won’t change is the one-way communication of story telling, which is the truth.

The future of television

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