14 Apr

I agree. The way media has framed this case makes it just seem like a racial thing and that’s all people are focused on. The main thing people need to be focused on is whether or not Zimmerman was acting in self defense or not. THAT IS THE MAIN ISSUE they need to figure first, then people can make assumptions. I stopped watching he news for reasons like this. It’s never just straight news anymore, it’s just purely entertainment. Like a low speed car chase really consumes 20 minutes of the news now.. Really? I don’t think WE’RE missing the point, I think THE NEWS is missing the point in why they’re called THE NEWS.. not ENTERTAINMENT television.

Adventures of an Autistic Social Worker

This is going to be a little short, but I wanted to point out something I have been noticing in the Trayvon Martin debate lately. Yes, it’s a debate now. However, I think even though it’s a debate, we’re debating about the wrong things.

First of all, ever since NBC (or at least a small part of NBC) edited a George Zimmerman 911 tape to (allegedly) make him appear more racist, the accusations of bias have been flying around like crazy. Again, conservative folks have hijacked the debate toward bias when the real culprit is a bent toward sensationalism and hysteria. The fact that I’m a moderate liberal and hate the medians general, not just Fox, should tell you something. I hate how it is only focused on entertaining people and does not report anything. The only news source I trust nowadays is NPR, because its not sensational and helps…

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