14 Apr

I think this is a good idea. Especially after just having the Superbowl in Indy, tourism and everything is up and it’s either gonna happen now or later. Obviously I understand why JB would be in San Clemente, CA. I grew up there.. a surfer/laid back/artsy type place, perfect for him, but what about all those artsy people in Indy that are just kind of behind closed doors? Just because Indy doesn’t scream it doesn’t mean they don’t have it. Especially with media being such a key factor to growing places, the Tealite Media group would be a great way to really develop that side of Indy and possibly expand their MO.

Music Is Best

One of the biggest things I’ve learned while being up in Minnesota is how much I truly do love Indianapolis. Nothing is like home. However, my passion is music and Indianapolis isn’t necessarily known for it’s music. I wish that was not true.

My good friend, JB, is kind of in the same boat I’m in. He’s also from the Indianapolis area. He’s more into visual media. He’s a film maker and is extremely good at what he does. However, he’s also aware that the arts aren’t what they should be in Indianapolis. He’s currently in San Clemente, California. I, Cory, am getting ready to graduate from McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul, Minnesota with a bachelor’s in music business. I’ll be moving down to Nashville in hopes of getting involved with artist promotions and marketing opportunities. Once JB and I feel like we’ve…

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  1. cspears20 April 14, 2012 at 6:27 pm #

    Thanks for the reblog! I do want to clarify that the reason JB and I are in other cities for a while is to gain better contacts and relationships with people in industries that can help bring light to Indianapolis’ arts community. After a few years of getting our feet wet in these places, we’d love to move back to the Indy area.

    I absolutely agree that Indianapolis has a whole lot of crazy awesome talent! A ton of our friends posses those talents. We just want to make sure that once we start this thing, we have the best resources possible to offer.

    Thanks again!

    Stay rad.

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