Hold on a second, let me consult with the media first, then tell you what I think.

28 Mar

In Courtney’s The Media Said So: Trayvon, Racism and Hunger Games post, she couldn’t be more dead on. The media frames all our news, so that we see it in a way that they want us to see it. And honestly, I am a little bit worn out after hearing so much about this Trayvon case. What started out as something that happens everyday to innocent people, has turned into to some type of movement. If it would have been a white boy, I don’t believe it would have been talked about as much, but that fact that they made Treyvon seem like an innocent boy totally made people sympathetic, the wonderful world of pathos. Then, there’s the new pictures out of the boy that totally changes how everyone could perceive him, something as simple as a picture can totally make people do a 180 turn. I to be honest am more worried about what I’ll be doing over spring break rather than what really went down that night.. because i can guarantee in a few months, everyone’s gonna forget about this and move on to something new..like I don’t know, the Olympics? 


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