Two Apples, Same Tree.

11 Mar

So some people think that since Steve Jobs death, Apple hasn’t been the same and that is not doing a good job. Matt Thomas of The Original MT blog said, “Tim Cook is failing to hold Apple to the high standards that Steve Jobs set for the company.” I fully disagree with that. I mean maybe he isn’t doing as well as Jobs did, but those are some big shoes to fill. Apple has really shaped and reolutionized the technological world and what it is today. And with technology being so advanced, I feel as if people are always expecting new and better things all the time. But son enough, it’s gonna be hard when technology catches up with technology and it’s gonna take time to make the ‘next big thing.’ Like the IPhone each time upgrades to a few new cool features, but what’s next other than the IPhone 5 or 6 or the IPad 3? You’ll never know and it’ll take time for those things to be developed. People just need to give Cook a break and give him time to live up to the big Apple name. He wouldn’t have gotten the job if they didn’t think he was capable of taking Jobs place.


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