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Hold on a second, let me consult with the media first, then tell you what I think.

28 Mar

In Courtney’s The Media Said So: Trayvon, Racism and Hunger Games post, she couldn’t be more dead on. The media frames all our news, so that we see it in a way that they want us to see it. And honestly, I am a little bit worn out after hearing so much about this Trayvon case. What started out as something that happens everyday to innocent people, has turned into to some type of movement. If it would have been a white boy, I don’t believe it would have been talked about as much, but that fact that they made Treyvon seem like an innocent boy totally made people sympathetic, the wonderful world of pathos. Then, there’s the new pictures out of the boy that totally changes how everyone could perceive him, something as simple as a picture can totally make people do a 180 turn. I to be honest am more worried about what I’ll be doing over spring break rather than what really went down that night.. because i can guarantee in a few months, everyone’s gonna forget about this and move on to something I don’t know, the Olympics? 

28 Mar

This remind me of the film Page One: Inside the New York Times and how it was such a big deal for newspapers to switch to online services. I think people don’t really give enough credit to newspapers nowadays though, whether online or in print. People don’t realize how necessary they are to our daily lives. Usually, most people get their news from those reporters, so without it, we’d have a very narrow string of news we receive each day or even just the timely manner, I feel would totally change too. Yes, I know there’s things like twitter that are in a way replacing the medium now, but I still don’t feel it’s the same.. I mean 140 characters versus a whole column.. Really?

News Hack

Here’s the news peg: The Boston Globe this morning announced something that sounds much more interesting than it actually is. Their new ePaper sounds like the best of both worlds, seeing the print version the same way on your iPad as in your hands as a newspaper.

To be fair, if I were still working for a newspaper, I’d love this announcement. The time and energy and sweat I’ve spent laying out pages, only to have Quark XPress self-destruct before you’ve hit save, is essentially vindicated now that my blood and tears are now available for the anti-print crowd to see on their techie devices. And I understand there is a market for such things as the ePaper, especially at publications that treat their website and Internet presence as an afterthought.

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Two Apples, Same Tree.

11 Mar

So some people think that since Steve Jobs death, Apple hasn’t been the same and that is not doing a good job. Matt Thomas of The Original MT blog said, “Tim Cook is failing to hold Apple to the high standards that Steve Jobs set for the company.” I fully disagree with that. I mean maybe he isn’t doing as well as Jobs did, but those are some big shoes to fill. Apple has really shaped and reolutionized the technological world and what it is today. And with technology being so advanced, I feel as if people are always expecting new and better things all the time. But son enough, it’s gonna be hard when technology catches up with technology and it’s gonna take time to make the ‘next big thing.’ Like the IPhone each time upgrades to a few new cool features, but what’s next other than the IPhone 5 or 6 or the IPad 3? You’ll never know and it’ll take time for those things to be developed. People just need to give Cook a break and give him time to live up to the big Apple name. He wouldn’t have gotten the job if they didn’t think he was capable of taking Jobs place.

Well this is awkward..

9 Mar


I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like online dating sites are not the best way to meet someone. I mean for one, online, not everyone is the most honest about themselves and you never really know the persons background and they can always hide things from you, rather than meeting someone in person, really getting to know them and build a relationship with them. Also, I feel like online dating is just a way to hide behind the computer screen and not use the actual social skills we have to meet people because they way you interact with someone is totally different than how you interact with them in person. I feel like nowadays, it is socially exceptable  to build relationships online before you even meet that person face to face. Honestly, it’s not that hard to meet people.. all you have to do is get off your butt and SOCIALIZE..and i don’t mean online socializing. You never know what you could be getting into.

You don’t control Google, Google controls you.

1 Mar

So I was reading this article about Google’s new privacy policy earlier and it goes into effect today. There’s something I don’t get though.. do you have to have an account with Google for it to affect you or does it affect anyone who uses Google? I mean I get if you have an account with them, but if you don’t, then I really don’t like this at all. I mean what if I’m doing a research paper on drugs or violence? Then it makes me look like a bad person and I have to watch every single thing I even search for on Google, and trust me.. I search for some pretty weird things. I just don’t get why they feel the need to be able to know every little thing about us.. I feel like the more and more the internet changes, the more they keep digging deeper and deeper into our daily lives, controlling us. I guess that’s that people meant when they would picture the future with robots and stuff.