15 Feb

I think this also has a lot to do with technology and why it’s constantly changing. Once company or person is always trying to one up the other and it just turns into, “who can get more people on board?” Like nowadays, everyone has an IPhone and if you don’t have an IPhone you’re kind of seen as lesser than everyone else in a way. Recently, Facebook changed it’s layout to one that reminds me of Myspace, which I’ve heard many mixed reactions about. I honestly think it’s too much, but in a month or two, I bet I’ll end up liking it. Change is a part of everyday life and it has to be incorporated into all aspects of life to keep things moving.

Travel Japan

If you’re going to travel abroad, it is probably a good idea to research the cultural differences between your own country and the country you wish to travel to.  Seeing that Americans tend to assume the rest of the world changes to fulfill their needs, they can sometimes draw a lot of attention.  Anyway, that is not my focus.  My point is to discuss some basic cultural differences, tangible and intangible.

Prior to flying to Japan I read various books and took classes that prepared me for the differences between America and Japan(preparing to limit culture shock).  The two countries are quite similar from the exterior, but when you peel back a few layers the two can be polar opposites.

For example, shoes are removed before you enter a persons house.  However, this is not only restricted to houses.  Schools, restaurants, and other public places require you to remove your…

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