The Shallows takes on India

9 Feb

Carr argues that the internet has changed the way our brains processes information and has altered our minds to think in a way that doesn’t absorb all information. We can no longer just sit down and read a book because the way the internet has molded our brain, we can’t think in depth or keep our minds focused.

In class, we watched two clips of films based on India culture. I think we can apply Carr’s argument to films based off of these two films.  In The River, it’s a slow paced film with just the pure culture, no special effects or real action to catch ones attention. In Carr’s argument, I feel as if The River represents the book. It’s hard fro our minds to absorb it because we’re so used to fast paced and just ‘scanning’ the information, not really taking it all in. The Slumdog Millionaire represents the internet, it gives us everything we want.

I see The River as something we really have to watch, think about and allow our minds to process, where in Slumdog Millionaire, it gives us everything quick and fast, so we don’t have to really think about what’s going on, it basically does the thinking for us, just like the internet. Although both films are about Indian culture, the approach the films took really make a difference in how our minds perceive them.


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