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31 Jan

Okay, so I am totally guilty of #7 on this list.. Along with the rest of the world. The funny thing is though, I know it.. I just don’t do anything about it. I’ll sit on Twitter or Tumblr for hours or Facebook stalk(yes, I just admitted that) instead of being productive. By time I know it, I wasted a whole day on the computer. Technology is a great thing, but it’s like this love hate relationship. I love it so much and I know most of the time, it’s bad for me, but I don’t care!

Fit Body Now

My list of things that I think may prevent you from losing weight:

1. Eating when you are bored. I am a college student and when it’s time for me to study, I get hungry. Why? because I don’t want to study so I’m distracting myself. Studying bores me, so I say if I’m eating then I can’t study. When you are at work or school or at home, keep a bottle of water near you. Drink it when you get the urge to take a break and eat. Also, many times we are actually thirsty and dehydrated, not hungry. And drinking water will fill your stomach up with zero calories. Another method, is to keep gum with you. The chewing and flavor will trick your mind into thinking that you are eating.

2. Portion Sizes. I have near been to another country other then the United States. I hear…

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Calling all MJ lovers & Sarah Palin haters!

26 Jan

So I know MJ is so last year, but I have to admit that this commercial makes me feel…happy and cool. I can honestly admit that any commercial that uses Pathos, which is a majority of commercials, succeeds at getting my attention.. Except for the sad ones like the Animal cruelty ones, I just turn the channel. But yeah, back to the MJ Pepsi commercial, I’d probably drink Pepsi just because of this.. and I don’t even drink soda.



Moving on to this Sarah Palin commercial.. If you hated her before, you’ll hate her even more now. That’s really all I have to say.. Just watch the video.

26 Jan


Awesomely Awake

It’s not easy being a parent. No matter if you work outside the home, inside the home. No matter if you have one, two, three or fifteen children. No matter if you have a small house in a big city or a big house in a small city. No matter if you have money or very little money.

Raising children is hard work — at least it is if you are doing it right.

It’s really no wonder parents are spending more time than ever checking in on Facebook, smart phones, or doing project after project after project. It helps to have something to do rather than sit around and dwell on all the stuff we want to be able to do or used to be able to do but no longer can. This self-medicating with social media is harmful — as Rachel at Hands Free Mama has said so eloquently this…

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R.I.P. Our old/traditional ways

26 Jan

So I was reading a post called “That Kodak Moment” from the blog and I really do agree that “film is officially dead.”

I remember when I would have to stand there while my mom scrolled the dial, then clicked..before she got her digital camera. She’d get doubles of all the pictures and save them all in a big box. Now, when I go home, I like to go to that box and look at all the pictures while reminiscing on my childhood. Since my mom has gotten her digital camera though, I haven’t been able to really do that because the pictures either just sit on her camera or end up on Facebook. I mean it’s nice to be able to have just one space in your computer to store all the pictures, but I just don’t get that same feeling or experience by just looking at it on Facebook.

Yes, if my mom still used the old disposable cameras, I would be terribly embarrassed, but at least I know I would physically be able to have those memories. I know you can still print out pictures from a digital camera too, but my mom hasn’t quite gotten that technically savy yet. And just the fact that she can view them on her camera and not have to worry about losing them is a plus I guess, but it’d be nice to have both.

I’m not saying the change into digital media is bad, but it seems like we get lazier and just depend on technology to do everything for us nowadays.

Online Blackout

18 Jan

So, I am pretty sure everyone has seen Google and other websites protest against the anti-piracy legislation by now. To be honest, I saw the Google logo and had no idea what was going on. At first, I thought it was just another one of their ‘special days.’ Then, I put the mouse over the logo, only to see “Tell Congress: Please don’t censor the web” pop up. I must say, this has to be my favorite one so far, and very clever. Kudos to Google, Wikipedia and all the other sites participating in this protest because I’m all for it and I’m sure I’m not alone on that one. What makes them think they can control ever single aspect of our lives? I feel like by time I graduate, we’re gonna be heading in the direction of Communism.. Oh wait, I think that’s already happening. I wonder how long this one will last.